Welcome to Victoria Wolfe Bespoke Fine Jewellery

Ethically sourced jewellery of exceptional quality that is custom designed for you by our in-house jewellery team.

About Victoria

Victoria graduated with a degree in business studies which she put into practice working in marketing and advertising for over 15 years, including six years working with Facebook and Instagram. Victoria has always had a passion and interest in jewellery, which was first inspired when living in South Africa and throughout her working life, she worked on developing her understanding of jewellery and diamonds. This interest naturally developed to her helping others design and source jewellery.

Over time, she has forged a reputation for sourcing quality and value for money. Consequently, requests for her expertise and bespoke jewellery increased so much, that in 2017, Victoria set up Victoria Wolfe Bespoke Fine Jewellery to cater for the growing demand. As a result she is delighted to be now working full-time in a role that allows her express her true passion and enables her to focus on creating and bringing high end jewellery to her customers.